Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Operations Research blogger meet up at INFORMS 2008 Conference

Back in October, 2008 at the INFORMS annual conference in Washington, DC, attending as the official daily e-news reporter for the conference, I also had the opportunity to meet up with a few other operations research bloggers at one of the evening receptions. Here is a photo of us. From left to right:

It was great to meet the other operational research bloggers. I got to hang out with Laura at another reception during the conference. It was interesting to learn about other blogger's reasons for starting an OR blog. Mine was to publicize operational research, because I believe in it, and I think more people should know about it. Laura's reason was to attract more high quality operational research students (she is an OR professor). I guess it is a long way to go still, but we are all making small steps in trying to make OR more known.

If you are an OR blogger, make sure to drop me a line and say hi, so we can start building up an OR network. I'd also be happy to link to your operational research blog on ThinkOR.org.

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