Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to ThinkOR - The Operations Research Blog

ThinkOR - Think Operations Research is a blog dedicated to the OR field.

ThinkOR welcomes all operations research professionals, academias, and any interested parties to come together and discuss and post your views, opinions, and ideas on operations research.

It is the gathering of the minds to talk about the methods of OR, applications, new ideas, etc. It serves as an exchange corner for the OR professionals, and an information source for the general public.

At this moment in time, there is very little information on OR for the general public to even know about what OR is. We hope that with this little space on the web, will be able to provide this type of information from a very personal view through the participation of all interested parties.

1 comment:

Abelardo Mayoral-Fierros said...

Great idea to have this blog! Thanks for doing this which is of benefit of all of us in the profession. I can see the marketer in you blending well with your OR career path :-)