Monday, March 28, 2011

YoungOR Conference 2011 - Talks in the Consultancy Stream

It's only 1 week away from the YoungOR conference in Nottingham, UK. I am looking forward to chairing the consultancy stream, so I finally get to meet the speakers I worked hard at recruiting.

It will be the busiest the consultancy stream has seen it! We have 2 keynote talks plus 5 titles lined up for the stream over the first 2 days of the conference. The conference schedule is packed, with 5-6 talks to choose from at any time (except for the plenary slots, of course). If you are young to OR, that is 10 years or less in Operational Research, come and check it out.

The Consultancy talks are as follows in chronological order:
  • Keynote: OR Joining Analytics, by Russell Hodge, Capgemini Consulting
  • Revenue Management At British Airways, by Peter Wilson, British Airways
  • Pharmacy Service Cost Inquiry, by Nicholas Jones, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Roundtable Panel Discussion Consultancy on "OR and Enterprise 2.0", "can OR people be leaders or are we destined to be the brains in the back room", and "Who is the boardroom champion for OR". Serving on the panel is a host of talent from various OR consultancies plus an independent, who is also giving a plenary talk at the conference
  • Keynote: An OR Professional On ‘The Apprentice'?, by Dave Buxton, dseConsulting
  • OR Consultancy For The Emergency, by Guy Bickerton and Graham Holland, OR in Health (ORH)
  • Scottish Rugby: Tackling Meaningful Statistics, by Ursula Mulholland, Capgemini Consulting
  • Day In The Life Of An OR Consultant, by James Lally

Also, if you're an experienced conference chair, care to share some of your tips on what to do / not to do, etc.?

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