Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bachelor Efficiency.

It seems to be a known fact that confirmed bachelors are at times amazing inventors of time and labor saving methods, gizmos, and procedures. Here is another one.

Recently I was visiting my bachelor friend John at his house and when I was rummaging in his drawers, searching in vain for a spoon, he has proudly shown me his latest labor saving device, (which also explained the lack of spoons in the drawers). He didn’t claim the idea as his own, on contrary; he said it is becoming a trend among their bachelor brethren, but I have seen it for the first time.

He has purchased himself two dishwashers, installed them side by side and is using them alternatively. Filling the one with dirty dishes and taking the clean dishes out of the other. He owns just enough dishes to fill one dishwasher up. This way, when he runs out of dishes, he switches the one full of dirty dishes on and reverses the process. He reports with an extreme satisfaction that he never needs to unload the dishwasher and file the dishes back into the drawers and cupboards. I think there is a lesson here for OR in it.

I’ll call it “The Bipolar Dishwashers Method”.

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Laurie Kinsman said...

Or could be an "automated, cupboard" that stores and cleans dishes. Next step: combine the fridge with it so glasses come out already full of beer. Utilize the rinse/dry cycle to steam vegetables and rice. Variation: closet+clothes dryer.

Bachelor efficiency awareness stays with one, post-marriage.